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Secure and Protect Your Family With Security Window Film

Today, school systems across the country are grappling with the question, “How can we keep our children safe?” The application of anti-intrusion security film can act as an effective deterrent against forced-entry break-ins and buy some valuable time for staff to alert authorities and teachers of hostile actions taking place.

Commercial, Residential & Auto Window Tinting | Madicosafe

From the class room to your home, security window film provides the peace of mind you deserve as you provide and protect your family! Bi-State Glass Coatings is here to make that priority a reality.

The Benefits of Security Window Film

Security window films have a myriad of benefits. They protect inhabitants from flying glass shards in the event of glass breakage due to natural disaster and slow down the ability of an intruder to breach the glazing system.

It can help to save lives, reduce injuries due to broken glass and impede visibility from the exterior of coated windows and reduce energy consumption due to less solar heat entering the building(s) that needs to be cooled.