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Bi-State Glass Coatings Products

Our main goal is to provide services, products, and resources to reduce the impact of the sun's rays on your investments, and give you the security and peace of mind you deserve in regards to your home, office, or car windows.

From strengthening and shatter-proofing the glass closest to your valuables, to blocking UV and heat that usually result from the intense rays of the sun, Bi-State Glass Coatings has you covered with the lastest products.

Security & Safety

Secure and Protect Your Family With Security Window Film Today, school systems across the country are grappling with the question, “How can we keep our children safe?” The application of anti-intrusion security film can act …

Decorative Window Tinting

Decorative Window Tinting for the Home or Office Decorative window films are taking the market by storm. Interior decorators, contractors, residential & commercial window installers are embracing these designs with open arms.  …


Bi-State Glass Coating's Window Shades No all shades are made alike, and not all were intended for the same use. Bi-State Glass Coatings has over 25 years experience of making sure the intense rays of the sun are kept at bay. In add…