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Madico Window Film And Tinting Solutions

Madico is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions. They provide high performance, complex, multilayer films engineered to exceed customer expectations in our target market segments.

Harnessing Energy with Modern Film And Tinting Science

Madico is a world leader in the coating, laminating, and converting of films in wide width, roll-to-roll format.  Their products are multilayered, engineered films primarily targeting applications in energy-related markets such as solar control window films, photovoltaic backsheets, and safety/security films.

They build products that last. If long-lived materials are critical to your final product design, if your product’s useful life equates to value, rely on Madico’s commitment to building best-in-class, long-term product solutions.

Sunscape By Madico

Sunscape Window Films Sunscape Window Films celebrate everything we love about the sun, while creating a safe, energy-efficient environment that captivates as well as it protects. Your family will enjoy cooler summers and …

Advanced Ceramic

Madico Advanced Ceramic Window Film Madico Advanced Ceramic is the world’s first “high definition” window film for your commercial property. This incredible innovation combines all the benefits of traditional window fi…

Auto Tinting

Madico Automotive Films Madico auto tints are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the pinnacle of tint technology. There’s no better combination of…

Madico Community Video

Window Film in Your Community - Madico Window Films An animated infograph showing the benefits of Madico Window Film throughout your community. From your home, office, school, even in your car, window film can have a positive daily impa…

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